"Tarfala Valley"
“Tarfala Valley” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Banks of snow is how the insect-eating Pipit survives in the high altitude

where I’d THINK there were no bugs.

Well, um, of course there must be such, but how?

Ingredients: One alpine meadow with unmelted snowbank;

bugs from valley below rise up on warm air,

then die–of the cold–and freeze into said banks.

Result? Energy food!

Congress, check for good ideas that have wafted up there & frozen.

We’re banking on it.


flaggingYosemite National ParkRocky Mountains, Montana

2 thoughts on “(NaBloPoMo)If Pipits Can Find a Way to Survive, Congress Can Too. Check Out Some of Those Good, But Frozen, Ideas, You Guys. (Another 420 Character, 9-Line Poem by Patty)

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