image20130929-095955.jpgToni 9/29/13

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated / trompe l’oeil

  1. So cool! I love trompe l’oeil as a painting technique and first saw it about 15 years ago when visiting Raleigh’s annual Parade of Homes in some of the priciest mansions. How beautiful! Seeing artists that could transform a bedroom or dining room or bathroom into a setting was amazing. When I was scrolling down the photo challenge very quickly, at first I thought, “oh a picture of a woman and dog at the window” and then I realized, wait…it’s a painting. But it was so real….if I hadn’t seen your title, I may have missed the “real” picture! Great job! Love the “painted in” window and then real shutters. How many people pass by amazing art unaware? Oops too long….QUICK, get back to your painting, you have a robber who’s stealing all your money!


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