(Terribly Unfair* To, Well, You Decide, Dear Reader) Nauset Closure Action and the Piping Plover: What’s This “Mitigation” Business? (A 420 Character 9 Line Poem by Patty)

Piping Plovers, ROVs, the Coyotes, and the Crows

Mitigate is what it’s called

when beach-lovers and environmentalists barter

so that Off Road Vehicles can ride the sand spits

they’ve ridden forever AND not make it worse for the Piping Plovers.

Build a berm, hire watchers, erect fences, monitor predators.

Sound OK?

Yes, until we get to the part about “removing” the latter,

as in kill the coyote, crow, raccoon, skunk, and fox:

Mitigation run amok is what I call it.


*This 420 Character, 9 Line Poem is written for all the four legged mammals and the Black-backed Gulls and Crows who haven’t (yet) learned to speak for themselves in this Mitigation Scheme: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/daily-prompt-fair/

A piping plover incubating a nest.

piping plover nesting area
piping plover nesting area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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