VIDEO: Starbucks CEO Asks Customers to Leave Guns at Home (


(from Aug. 23rd) PostaDay: Starbucks and Guns. I’ll need 3 shots of cream to swallow that combo. (Another 420 Character Poem in 9 lines)

Somehow coffee and guns just don’t mix.

Coffee & cream. Coffee & cookies. Coffee & talk. Coffee & a walk along the river.

Coffee and, well, you get it. But Coffee and Guns?

Yes, I’d feel safer in a STARBUCKS full of packers

than I would in a BAR full of ‘em,

but why must I have to choose?

Court Marshals don’t wear guns because it’s safer not to.

How about unpacking THAT idea?  Let’s fix this insanity.



(*I read the Daily Post prompt and at the same time heard Howard, the Starbuck’s CEO announce the leave your guns home guys policy, and I thought, heck, the service is great at my Starbucks; this relates. Thanks, WordPressers!

3 thoughts on “Starbucks* No Longer Serving Guns with Its Coffee: Don’t Take Your Guns to Grande Town, Boys, Says Starbucks CEO. Is This In Response to Johnny Cash, Skip Starbuck Saturdays, Uncomfortable Latte-Sippers, or Mayhap WWWW’s 420 Character 9 Line Poem About Starbucks and Its Packers? Starts Today in a Starbucks Near You!

  1. It all very well saying NO GUNS however one must face reality
    to survive one need be armed such are the times one is living.

    The solution is to limit the arms one carries /the individual does
    not need a tank or aircraft / helicopter cover just to go and buy
    a pack of cigarettes some bread milk / such need of protection
    is not needed thus one need compromise as to the real threats
    that one facing / as in the home or at work / in having a shower.

    An basic need of a person arming themselves for protection in
    every day life being a decent handgun & an good hunting knife
    the knife important in case you run out of bullets / and you are
    left fighting hand to hand ( in the case where it be zombies that
    you are up against then remember you need shoot them in the
    head ) (or removing head) (thus need of a good hunting knife).

    The chance of the individual being attacked can vary in some
    areas as low as 30% some areas as high as 92% thus much is
    dependent on the area one lives or rather one tries to survive

    One way to lesson being attacked / d’ont venture out after dark
    and never never ever go into the woods be it night or being day.


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