Starbucks* No Longer Serving Guns with Its Coffee: Don’t Take Your Guns to Grande Town, Boys, Says Starbucks CEO. Is This In Response to Johnny Cash, Skip Starbuck Saturdays, Uncomfortable Latte-Sippers, or Mayhap WWWW’s 420 Character 9 Line Poem About Starbucks and Its Packers? Starts Today in a Starbucks Near You!

VIDEO: Starbucks CEO Asks Customers to Leave Guns at Home (


(from Aug. 23rd) PostaDay: Starbucks and Guns. I’ll need 3 shots of cream to swallow that combo. (Another 420 Character Poem in 9 lines)

Somehow coffee and guns just don’t mix.

Coffee & cream. Coffee & cookies. Coffee & talk. Coffee & a walk along the river.

Coffee and, well, you get it. But Coffee and Guns?

Yes, I’d feel safer in a STARBUCKS full of packers

than I would in a BAR full of ‘em,

but why must I have to choose?

Court Marshals don’t wear guns because it’s safer not to.

How about unpacking THAT idea?  Let’s fix this insanity.



(*I read the Daily Post prompt and at the same time heard Howard, the Starbuck’s CEO announce the leave your guns home guys policy, and I thought, heck, the service is great at my Starbucks; this relates. Thanks, WordPressers!