INSIDE*: Reading the Mind of a Parent. How to Feed All the Kids? One Backyard Bird Feeder At a Time? Slow Cookers, Working Parents, and Providing Good Meals. (Another 420 Character Poem in 9 Lines by Patty)


Slow Cooker is how my kids can work & feed the kids at the end of the day.

Big improvement over my suppers of cold cereal and peas.

It’s hard to find the right food for a passel of kids (defined as 1 or more).

Bet this yellow-tabbed, electronically-monitored Big Mama is thinking

“Wish I had help.”

I remember the “Sale! Mothers!” signs and my Far-Side reading of them:

What a good idea.

Another Mom!

Or, a slow cooker.


*I constantly wonder what’s going on inside the mind of our bears. I was inspired by this WordPress Challenge to ponder what the meandering mom of triplets was trying to figure out. I empathized.