Hard to swallow

is how I describe the ideas in regard to attacking Syria.

What sweetener will it take for me to get the logic of dragging out the big guns yet again?

It’s like with the hummingbirds I see

burying themselves in the blossoms of the trumpet vines, inhaling the nectar

so as to wash down a nasty bug

or that spoonful of sugar Mary Poppins wielded

in order to get the kids to take their medicine.

It’s hard.


Credence Clearwater’s Fortunate Son

Some folks are born to wave the flag,
Ooh, they’re red, white and blue.
And when the band plays “Hail to the chief”,
Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lord,It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no senator’s son, son.
It ain’t me, it ain’t me; I ain’t no fortunate one, no,
Yeah!Some folks are born silver spoon in hand,
Lord, don’t they help themselves, oh.
But when the taxman comes to the door,
Lord, the house looks like a rummage sale, yes,It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no millionaire’s son, no.
It ain’t me, it ain’t me; I ain’t no fortunate one, no.Some folks inherit star spangled eyes,
Ooh, they send you down to war, Lord,
And when you ask them, “How much should we give?”
Ooh, they only answer More! more! more! yoh,It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no military son, son.
It ain’t me, it ain’t me; I ain’t no fortunate one, one.
It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one, no no no,
It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate son, no no no,

7 thoughts on ““And When the Band Played Hail to the Chief…” is the Third Line of the Last Song I Heard and I Thought What Is Our Chief Going to Do. I Hail Him But This Should We or Shouldn’t We Go to War Thing is , Well, It’s Old. Vietnam War Old. And As I Listened to Credence Clearwater, I Spied the Hummingbirds Sucking Away at the Trumpet Vine Bar, Er, Trellis. (Another 420 Character 9 Line Poem by Patty)

  1. With family in Aleppo, we watch daily with bated breath. My husband speaks to his brother and nephews weekly and they are fine although living in very desperate conditions … but nevertheless “fine”, so they say. The Obama crew are sounding like Bush and the boys. Unpleasant memories. Sad world.


    1. Russia supports the incumbent in Syria and he is not one our government can support. Al Quaeda and the rebels are not worthy of support. So if neither side is worth supporting, let us not support either side. I agree with the economic sanctions. We do not need to be the sole policeman here. If Germany and Great Britain are not supporting a military move, we should not pursue alone. I suspect that BHO is putting the decision to a vote of support in Congress because then a no vote may mean no action. Or a vote against is a validation for no action. It is time to concentrate on domestic concerns, financial and medical support issues.


      1. I was thinking about John Kerry’s impassioned question to Congress back in 1971 when he asked, “how do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?” He must be somewhat stunned to have become this administration’s chief hawk in what seems to be a pep rally for intervention. I am.


  2. I agree. War is not the answer. There are other ways we can show them we disapprove….. economic sanctions. And quit sending money to countries who are fighting with no end in sight… ever.
    I know its more complicated than that, but continued killing is not the answer.


  3. I’ve just read that Aleppo has lost the internet as of a few hours ago. I think this happens routinely because of the limited options sanctions have given Syria for internet access, but I hope this doesn’t make it harder for you to keep track. I can’t believe we’re having this issue with Bush’s hailed by me (still) replacement.


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