079 Capitol Hill United States Congress 1993
079 Capitol Hill United States Congress 1993 (Photo credit: David Holt London)

Congress, you could learn from Eco-Goats

hired to rid your Cemetery of poison ivy, vines, and invasive Multiflora Rose,

fertilizing as they ruminate–models of green lawn care.

ALL non-productive law-makers,

tangled in the bittersweet of bloviating-

imperiling the country at the same time, by the way-

need to take a field trip

and get lessons from some GOOD cloven-hoofed creatures.

It’s a grave situation. No kidding.


Congressional Cemetery, located in Southeast W...
Congressional Cemetery, located in Southeast Washington DC (end of Massachussetts Ave) is a huge, fenced-in facility which has made itself available to well-disciplined dogs (and their owners) for a bit of unrestrained running and freaking out. But not when a funeral is in progress. That would be uncouth. Or something. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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5 thoughts on “Not to Get Your Goat, But I’ve Got a Cure for Congress and It Involves Using a Different Sort of Cloven-Hoofed Creature Than the One Currently on the Loose Inside That Domed Roof. (Another 420 Character Poem in 9 Lines from Patty)

    1. Well, maybe not: goats do not poop out whole seeds, during the course of chewing and digesting, seeds are crushed. So, the fertilizing they’re doing is enriching the greens, not reseeding the invasive plants they’ve eaten.
      Fun stuff here. Lots of material for metaphor and punning. I’d better stop.


  1. Our friend, Ronnie, mayhap is grimacing at the puns, but secretly I bet she loves them too.

    I would have loved to see these goats and meet their owner Brian Knox. He’s one enterprising fellow. Come to think of it, HE could help Congress too.



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