Guns and Coffee
Guns and Coffee (Photo credit: teamstickergiant)

Somehow coffee and guns just don’t mix.

Coffee & cream. Coffee & cookies. Coffee & talk. Coffee & a walk along the river.

Coffee and, well, you get it. But Coffee and Guns?

Yes, I’d feel safer in a STARBUCKS full of packers

than I would in a BAR full of ’em,

but why must I have to choose?

Court Marshals don’t wear guns because it’s safer not to.

How about unpacking THAT idea?  Let’s fix this insanity.



6 thoughts on “PostaDay: Starbucks and Guns. I’ll need 3 shots of cream to swallow that combo. (Another 420 Character Poem in 9 lines)

  1. I’m in your corner, Patty…. I realize only responsible people should be packing, but if you spend any time watching the news, there appears to be a dearth of responsible people amid the gun carriers.


  2. There’s a word for the knowledge a culture just ASSUMES everyone knows and is in agreement on. Way back–say in the early West, as depicted in Gunsmoke with the no guns in Kitty’s saloon type rules–it was of course guns and regular people in crowds don’t mix. That common rule for living has dropped out of the group consciousness. (I know. I know. The NRA says there never were such rules, but, whatever.) I think it will take acts of great bravery on the part of a Congress that we don’t have. Yet. Tip O’Neill? Ronald Reagan? Are you watching? Could you two see your way to encouraging the two sides to sit down and hash things out down here? (Although I guess the way those two worked, it was after 6 o’clock.)


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