Daily Prompt: Three-Tenths

WP blogger Michelle says ~ Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. ( read: That’s just a suggestion.) There’s your post title. Now write!


What a chance to bulk up my brain ~ find new words to cut my logoleptic teeth on.  I stuck in my thumb and pulled out some plums, on random A and C pages, courtesy of geniuses (genii? or is that the plural of genie?) ~ the Misters Webster and Roget.  I’ll keep them handy for some inspired use.


A Haphazard Poem 

Deer forage in the wild meadow

of alfilaria.

Pink and purple flowers,

now canescent,

sway like acalephs

across the cidevant arpent.

The Albanians abdicate their land

without acrimony

and follow the chronometer of the stars.

Toni 8/17/13

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

This week’s prompt invites WP bloggers to make memories that are….. 




Breathturn, by the band Hammock ~ yes, really ~ is a sublime slow-shifting simmer of synth and guitar.  A slow-down-and-listen for hammock days without end.

For your eyes…

…and ears.

Toni 8/17/13

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree. “Everybody’s Looking for the Same Thing,” Sings Kate Wolf as She Scans the Little Notes Outside the General Store. I’m Reminded of This on the Farmington River Bike and Walking Trail. (Another 420 Character 9-Liner)


She found it.

I pass her as I walk from Arch Street onto the Farmington River Trail;

she’s jogging, all glistening and pony-tailed

but has to stop to dig a singing phone from her fanny pack.

She taps it, says hi,

and then starts a smile so wide it’ll have to be folded to get into her car.

I hear: You do? You do? I love you too. Yes! Tons!

We’re all looking for the same thing* and at Arch and the River?

She found it.



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