WP Cheri Rowlands’ provocative prompt for bloggers: Write an open letter.


The Beastie Boys did it in song.

.An Open Letter To NYC

Dear New York, this is a love letter to you…

Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten

From the Battery to the top of Manhattan 

Asian, Middle-Eastern and Latin

Black, White, New York you make it happen.



Dear Crabtree & Evelyn,

Let me count the ways I love C&E.  OK.  Honestly?  There are too many to count.

Here’s my latest love ~ The Citron, Honey and Coriander Refreshing Body Bar.

Creamy. Elegant. The Coco-Chanel of Soap.

It’s a stunner, an objet d’art. It coddles the eye, light and lemony as Parisian flan. Even the ingredients are posh ~ goldenseal, rosemary, thyme, tea tree, evening primrose oil, shea butter and honey. Not only is it vegetable-based, it’s free of parabens, phtalates, sodium sulfates, propylene glycol, and mineral oil. Miraculous alchemy.

The fragrance? Pure luxe. Zesty lemon with a dash of peppery coriander and subtle woody notes, you say.  I say ~ piquant, racy, a good nose.  And, as it turns out, aggressive.

I’ve always appreciated the heft of Crabtree & Evelyn bar soap. But my new bar of Citron Honey and Coriander turned out to be sirenically seductive. When it slid off the shower shelf, it fell with amazing force.  Heft conspired with gravity.

I buddied up my toes and switched to shower gel.

A broken toe? I know, it impales logic and is unbloodybelievable.

So, Dear C&E,  I’m curious  ~ am I your first?

Toni 8/16/13

* from an earlier blog ~ the saga continues here and here


  1. The least they could do is send you a gift pack of the stuff! I remember when we studied letter writing (lost art??) in school, and I spent the summer sending out fan letters, with mixed results. Juicy Fruit gum only sent a few pieces of gum–a huge disappointment to such an addicted fan. The letter to Oh Henry candy bars got me a six pack–enough to share with pals. Letters to TV stars brought autographed pictures to add to the photo gallery taped to my bedroom wall. I never did get over the fact that my neatnic mother let me put up that collage! Does this mean I have to give up Le Source soap??? M.


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