The phoebes planned to hatch a brood on my front porch light.

They built a delicate yet sturdy mini-masterpiece. But crows prowl and bluejays egg-and-baby-snatch at will.  Ravens and grackles sport dark feathers and do dark deeds. Even the cheery house wren can turn into an egg-destroyer.





When she was six years old, Genevieve Jones rode with her father on buggy rides into the wilderness, searching for birds’ nests and collecting eggs. Gennie found an intricate bird’s nest that no one could identify. She couldn’t even find a book that would solve the mystery since no one had yet written one. When Gennie got older, she began to illustrate the eggs and nests of Ohio birds.

The bittersweet story within a story is here ~

 America’s Other Audubon.  

A woman’s love for birds, a family’s love for her.


Toni 8/14/13


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