IMG_1120IMG_1134I don’t know the boys from the back.

They’re like flycatchers,

birds so similar I have to hear* them in order to ID them.

Unlike the boys. When THEY phone

I need to read the Caller ID to help me distinguish who’s on the other end.

But,key to ID-ing the birds is their migration timing,

as in which bird would be in this place & when.

Helps with the boys too: I know who lives where.

And, I do so know them from the front.


*”…the dozen or so confusing flycatchers in the Empidonax group…look so similar they’re sometimes impossible to identify even in the hands of a bird bander with a precise set of measurement calipers. But all that uncertainty vanishes as soon as they open their mouths.” (from

Birds of North America

Birds of North America

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