Black Skimmer
Black Skimmer (Photo credit: chuq_ui)

Adult non-breedingAdult nonbreeding

Remarkable is what those Black Skimmers are:

with its knife-thin, longer-than-the-top lower mandible,

BS bounds over the water, dragging its gapped-mouth,

catching killifish. and

does it by touch, so fishing at dawn OR dusk works as well as daylight.

They’re crepuscular, like our wee ones

who skim shovels, trucks and excavators over the sand flats

even as the last daylight seeps from the beach.




One thought on “Black Skimmers. Rare as They Are on the Cape, I Think I’ve Seen Them! While I Research to Double-Check, It Reminds Me of Other Types of Skimming That I’ve Noticed. (Another 420 Character, 9-Line Poem)

  1. What remarkable design work in that mandible…. a nifty tool for the skimmer….The family art work is remarkable as well… who is the talented artist? It makes me wish that i could be there,too, playing in the sand.


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