IMG_0267I could (mis)spell notice as knowtice because

when I (K)notice, I come to know more. A serendipity.

Especially when it happens with the guy I’ve been with for 45 years,

I’m reminded that there’s always more to learn;

like when I walk the same paths on the Cape,

blue inlets of the bay on the one side and picket fences on the other,

I’m surprised at what I discover,

what’s been there all the time.

Who (K)new.


7 thoughts on “Little Children Look at the World as Strangers Because They Are. And So They See What I Miss Because I’ve Been There Before. “Knowticing”: Honor the Familiar Paths; They Hold Treasures Still to be Unearthed. (a 420 Character, 9-Line Poem)

  1. Little ones are still gifted with fascination…. an ant hill is worthy of long minutes of focused attention. Your “420” has reminded me of that lost art…


    1. After I read the Outermost House, I yearned to spend my own year there, watching the weather, the tides, the wildlife, the landscape. There’s so many things to wonder about. I adore Thoreau but he got paid by the word. 🙂


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