No bigger than my thumb, in pale green dresses, they rise,

tiny fireworks, each with dainty charcoal feet,

sea-green helmets, brisk metallic tails. 


These evocative words by poet Mary Oliver describe young hummingbirds as they burst from their mossy nest.  I think of her poem when I watch my own avian acrobats draw perfect circles in the air and then, with a jerk, pause in front of me.

Hummingbirds symbolize the celebration of life, hope, and joy as well as an appreciation for every moment. Did you know that they’re one of the most popular bird tattoos?

Last time I went to the beach, I marveled at the tsunami of ink. Everyone is inked up except moi

Are you sporting ink? Thinking about it?   

Toni 7/16/13

12 thoughts on “POETRY IN MOTION

  1. I am sporting ink. My first tattoo was smallish, I drew it myself, and I got it when I was 35. My second tattoo was larger than I expected (my husband encouraged him to make it bigger) and I got it on my 50th birthday in Maui. I have never regretted having either one. There are a couple more I would like that are small but it is unlikely I will spend the money again.


  2. Do you suppose that all those young bodies can envision themselves decades down the road and into middle age spread??? I get laughing just having that picture run through my dinosaur brain!! I inflict enough pain on my body myself without paying for more, so chances are slim-to-none that even a tiny hummingbird on an ankle would tempt me! Besides, I’m into wearing purple and being outspoken as a declaration of my many years of experience! Face it–“outrageous, gracefully aging” is painful enough (but lots of fun!). Then again, there’s Adam Levine, who is tattooed to perfection! I like looking at both sides of an issue–and I sure like looking at him! Ha! M.


  3. I don’t have any ink yet, but not because I’m against it. I just want something personal and meaningful, perhaps even my own design. I’m still waiting for inspiration to strike. Hmm maybe something with a bolt of lightning in it! BTW. That hummingbird is beautiful!


  4. I hope I’m not intruding here but my 29 year old daughter is considering another tattoo. Her first tattoo was on the inside of her left wrist and it was her mom’s initials (traced from her mother’s own hand). She had it done shortly after my wife died from breast cancer. She had it done as a memorial tribute (she threatens to put my initials on her right wrist after I die. She has had plenty of practice with this forging excuse letters in high school).

    I have never been fond of tattoo artwork because I have always felt that the body is beautiful enough without us trying to be a walking canvas. Some are quite elaborate and beautiful but I feel they are better off on a wall. I respect differing opinions and it seems that I am in the minority these days. It used to be reserved for bikers and sailors. It never seemed like a big deal until it went mainstream for women. I’m not sure what that says about our culture or if it is just a passing fad. Like most things women seem to be the trailblazers of change.


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