Beat the bushes for new ideas, you do-nothing Congress*.

Be like the American Redstart:

He flashes his orange and black wings and tail to flush insect prey from the foliage,

thereby feeding the family and continuing the species.

He’s so good at it that sometimes

he has 2 wives in 2 separate territories about 1600′ apart.

Well, we don’t have to go that far, but,guys?

Let’s get something going

or we’re beat.


*At the 6th month mark, our 113th Congress has passed 15 items. None significant. Nothing on jobs or the budget. In the meanwhile–emphasis on mean–The House has voted to repeal Obamacare 37 times.redstartcloseup redstart1

3 thoughts on “Update on Our Do-Nothing 113th Congress: Still. Nothing. Doing. Mayhap It’s Time to Beat the Bushes, as in Flush Out Some New Ideas, Congress. Take a Note (pun intended) from the American Redstart. (A 420 Character, 9-Liner)

  1. When I hear commentators tsktsk-ing that the Middle East just doesn’t know how a democracy is supposed to work I’m bewildered because ours is stumbling. The 3 branches of government aren’t balancing. An overactive Judiciary with an agenda and a frozen Congress. Surely this isn’t a model for a newbie democracy. American Redstarts for a new start mayhap? (Whatever that means.)


  2. We got this observation from Dana on Facebook:

    “Some wag–Mencken?–thought the Republic never so safe as when Congress is in recess. Along this line, historian Forest McDonald suggests moving the Capital to North Dakota in the winter, and banning air conditioning in DC in the summer. Which is pretty waggish, too.”

    I replied:

    “All good suggestions. And then there’s the observation by our other favorite guy, Winston C. I think he said something about Democracies being the worst way to govern, but better than anything else. Or some such.”


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