For Reasons Best Left Unknown I Was Just Now Forced to Dump My Pocket Book Out on the Floor, and I Found a Letter to the Editor that I’d Tucked Away Some Time Ago. I Am Grateful that I Read It Initially, and I’m Grateful That I Saw Fit to Save It. I Think I’ve Unearthed It Just When I Needed It. Never mind that I DIDN’T Find What I Was Initially Hunting For. Frantically.

Winning War Over Evil

Since Monday, I’ve heard many express their feeling that our world is devolving amid a surge of evil. It isn’t, but I understand the sentiment.

For most born in the U.S. in the last 50 years, a merciful naiveté has shielded us from the worst of human nature, pre-9/11.  We weren’t at Bataan or Dachau in World War II, we didn’t practice hiding under our desks in fear of nuclear winter, we didn’t witness our own government repressing a minority population with fire hoses.

In truth, we’ve been winning the war against evil since the dawn of man, though losing battles along the way. It’s being won not by preventing evil, but by overwhelming it with the best of humanity when evil rears its ugly head.

I worry about the future for my children, but I’m grateful to exist in a time and place that fosters such naiveté, and I’m proud that my children will be a small part of the overwhelming best of humanity that continues to win the war.

Steve Kirsche Jr. , Portland

THANKS, STEVE. (This isn’t my purse, but this is the sound of me rummaging through and then finally upending my purse–er, pocket book as I call it, dating myself.)