Dear Family,
During the Red Sox game today, the announcers were asking that people send in their  recollections of their first game they went to with their fathers.  This caused me to remember what I think was the first game that I went to with Pop and Nonna.  It was not my first game at Fenway but I think it was the first with my parents.  It was in the late 1950’s and we (Doug and I) drove with them to Boston for a night game against the Yankees.  The only things I remember are: 1) it rained during the game but we were under the roof and didn’t get wet: 2) Whitey Ford pitched for the Yankees and I remember him trying repeatedly to pick Ted Williams off of first  base to the amusement of my mother; 3) on the way home it was raining hard and we went through a deep puddle in Providence which flooded the engine of the car and caused a break-down,  Pop had to call a cab to take us home.  It was a late night.
Do you remember the first game that we went to?


Dear family,

I remember the subway on one trip. It was probably my first subway ride, and the platform and cats were packed. It was a bit intimidating, even though we probably wore the uniform: red Sox hats and bb gloves.

As for the games, I remember Oil Can Boyd popping beach balls. Watching the beach balls was engrossing, probably more so than the games, though I do recall canseco hitting three homers in a redsox loss.



Hi family,
I remember the popping beach balls too and the subway ride, but then again, I have virtually no memories of the games themselves, just the atmosphere and ballpark snacks….Other snippets of Fenway memories include:
*Leaving East Greenwich on a hot, sunny day in shorts and t-shirts only to arrive at Fenway and have it be freezing cold and drizzling! We bought Red Sox sweatshirts and the people sitting near us gave us sheets of plastic to cover our legs with.
* Sitting behind a pole along the right field line. This may or may not have been the game where I read “How To Eat Fried Worms” to Rob and John since we couldn’t see home plate.
* Being very impressed with “the wave.” I loved being part of it so much that I (again) didn’t really watch the game. I also believed that the wave was unique to Fenway Park.
Happy Father’s Day, Dad, Craig, John, and Rob!
Love, Sarah
I have a bunch of red sox memories, some of which differ in slight ways from dad’s and sarah’s memories:

-On the very cold game (featuring the old-timers game followed by a real game) I don’t recall also going to east greenwich – I remember it being warm and sunny in ct before driving to boston, where it became cold.  I might have been warmer if I’d gotten a sweatshirt (like sarah), but for some reason I think I ended up with just a large t-shirt from the souvenir store, which didn’t quite keep me warm during the game.
-a related memory is hurrying quickly past the sizzling sausage and pepper stands but never actually getting any food
-this might have been one of the first places i remember experiencing the smell of beer and cigarettes mixed together
-i recall mark mcgwire hitting three home runs against the red sox, not canseco, but maybe canseco did that also
-i remember walking to our seats as a little kid and getting separated from the family and not being sure for a little while how I was going to find everyone
-i remember the eskimo bars having just a little too much chocolate and not enough ice cream
-of course i remember derek lowe poster day
-not sure if it was derek lowe poster day, but i recall by chance seeing my friend chuff and his family outside the stadium, probably the summer after graduation
-ryan colleoni and i think jeff szczesniak and i drove up to boston one day during college, guessed at how to get to fenway park, parked somewhere, and then managed to get game day tickets in the bleachers.  i think that was just before the boom in interest in the red sox.  i think i might have eaten someone’s leftover bag of peanuts i found on the ground (keep in mind that this was something i did around that time)
-back to one of my first memories of fenway park, i recall finding the trough urinals to be intimidating
-after fenway park trips (and basically all trips to cape cod, salem, or east greenwich) i remember the contrast between the fast-paced, exciting city and the crickets, cicadas, pea vines, and placid silenceness of locust road, plymouth road, shingle mill road, and our house.
correction: Klondike bar, not eskimo bar
– I remember the game where Mark Maguire hit a few homeruns against the Red Sox.  It seemed like the Red Sox were very bad during this stretch, and I’m not sure I ever saw the Red Sox win before Pedro got there.
– I remember seeing a game in 2000 or 2001 with Mom and Dad where it was the first time we didn’t sit in the bleachers.  We saw Pedro absolutely shut down the Rangers and I remember thinking how much fun it was to see the Sox win.
– The Derek Lowe poster night.  Rob – I think this was the game you saw Chuff.  I found out later that my Haverford friend Tim was also at that game, but this was a year before we met at Haverford.
– I remember seeing Barry Bonds play the Sox one year.  He struckout with the bases loaded.  Rob, you made fun of me for eating a peanut with the shell still on it.
– Of course, I also remember seeing Dad hit on the field at Fenway.
-Actually, my most vivid memories of baseball games are from Cape Cod.  I really liked (and still like) going to the different fields and sitting around watching the games.  I can’t say I remember my first Cape league game, but I remember the general atmosphere of going to the games and seeing all of the different promotions and things going on.  I especially like the Orleans and Chatham fields because they would have bands behind the outfields and the most fans.
My first Red Sox memory with your Dad is this:

The summer of our Junior Year at Bates he took me to a game. At this point in our romance I still had the other boyfriends, having not decided quite yet that he was going to be my main guy.
We had great seats, on the first base side between home plate and first base. Dad showed me how to score the game and, eager to continue to impress him with my charms, I paid attention to the game and stayed with it for many–although not all– innings. Dad, for his part, saw that I needed to be fed and watered and plied me with ice cream, cokes, peanuts, etc.
No matter that it’s taken me 45 years to learn the game, and I’m still not sure of that rule about balls that hit the ground and bounce over the fence and the runner who can’t progress past 2nd.
I do remember learning about  backwards Ks and frontwards Ks-I think I’ve got that down…by now.

3 thoughts on “Red Sox memories from the 6 of Us

  1. It is a lot of fun to get everyone’s memories about the same event. They often don’t mesh. If you ask my sisters and I about any time or event in our lives you will get several different stories, none the same. 😉


  2. I loved the idea of multiple, shared memories! One year, I asked my 8th graders to write to their parents and ask questions about the adults’ memories of being in 8th grade. Later, adults and kids sat in a giant circle and shared our reactions to the exchange. Turns out the kids had no reservations about writing, but the adults were often intimidated by the assignment. Ah, the progress we had made in the writing department! It was one of the best teaching moments of my career, and it was also a huge success with the class and parents. Shared memories=bliss!!! Hopefully, technology makes sharing even better! M.


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