Daily Prompt: Singin’ in the Rain

5446588154_0ffc93c35a_zDon’t you love this plumb-true prompt from Michelle?

Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof… describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.  Photographers, artists, poets: show us RAIN.


We’ve just had a Noah’s-ark of a week.  Lots of indoor time. lots of time for the quieter pursuits. like poetry.


When the Rain Comes Down

it holds our world behind its deliberate wall.

We search for familiar forms-

the path’s retreat into the woods,

a stand of tansy and yarrow,

the sweep of queen’s lace.

The rain scumbles wands of forsythia,

blowsy bee balm, wild raspberries.


Beyond where all things bend to the sound of rain,

a tangle of grapevine shrouds mossy stumps and stones,

solemn trees prop up the darkness;

we find nothing to fix our gaze on.


Drowsy with the rain,

we sit in this room that grows octaves grayer,

replete with the din of falling water.

In the gathering darkness,

we look to each other

and find a matrix of light

no ruinous rain can erase.


Toni 6/15/13

(Two “420 Character 9-Line Poems” with Pictures) I Loved Sitting Around the Table and Talking with My Classmates of 45 Years Ago. Bates College’s Napkin Board Reflects a Diverse and Wide-Hearted Community


I would have loved the job of Napkin Board Respondent

when I was at Bates.

The student collects & responds to suggestions on the Napkin Board.

To do this he or she collects data from all areas of Dining Services

in search of answers to everyday concerns of students.

“Must have a great personality, writing experience,

sense of humor, be well organized,

and react well to student opinions.”

Way better than dish-busing.



Rather than stewing over the lack of meat in the stew,

Bates College students can write their problem on a napkin

and post it on the bulletin board.

Too much salt? Too little dessert? Too few bread choices?

All concerns get a typed reply. And even if the problem isn’t solved,

the fury behind it abates

because it’s gotten an airing and a response.

Mayhap there’s a real world application?

Napkins & words VS  red lines & bombs?