“Art has always been my salvation.”

Artists adored, admired, and respected Maurice Sendak.

Here are a few who said farewell with pen and ink and art.


So, Maurice: Wish you could’ve been here for the outpouring of deserved affection that coursed through the media when you split. If there’s anything to this posterity thing, you’re with us through your work as fully as Laurel and Hardy or your beloved Mozart … so why do I miss you so? 



 I visited Maurice last summer. It was joy and bliss under the pine trees. Cajoling the past and blasting the present — both roaring, eyes weepy, giving our emotions a free range of expressions. Maurice is now where the wild things are. His departure is an invitation! See you later perkolator!



As a small child, I discovered the possibilities of creativity and empowerment in Mr. Sendak’s books. It was through these ideals that I began drawing my own world of characters, narratives and scenes. This eventually led me to a very happy career as an artist, and subsequently, a kid’s book author and illustrator. Mr. Sendak, I will never forget how you showed me that the wild things are really in our hearts.



I was a 6-year-old in Redondo Beach, Calif., when “Where the Wild Things Are” came out, and I distinctly remember finding excuses to sneak off to the school library just to study the drawings in the book. I had heard that the “monsters” scared some kids, but I was simply fascinated by them. 


I’m not an artist, just a doodler, but I love the drawings in his books.  I always wondered how he could draw such giant monsters using so many teeny tiny little lines. I still do.


I see Sendak’s artwork everywhere. In the moon, sometimes.  It winks back at me, once a month and I think of him, a man whose art is nothing short of magical.


Toni 6/8/13

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