(Thanks to Harry Ainsworth for this great photo of a perched–not hovering–Kingfisher as he peers into a nearby pool–no blinking, well, he could be blinking, but he’s very very still.)

Sight of a Belted Kingfisher hovering

before it plunges headfirst into the brook to catch a fish

triggers stillness in me.

This bird’s “origin” story: Halcyone jumps into the sea, turns into a kingfisher,

weaves a floating nest, and charms the waves into calmness.

But then I hear BK’s rattling cry

and watch it pound its prey to death on a bridge railing perch,

and I realize

deadly rip currents run under smooth waters.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts About a Kingfisher and What It Reminds Me Of: Another 420 Character, 9-Liner Where I Look at Life as If I Am a Stranger so As to See Something I May Have Missed.

  1. Those Greeks were awesome storytellers. I did not know the story of Halcyone and Ceyx. It is a sad love story and to think she was the first belted king fisher. Thanks, Patty. You bring us all kinds of nifty knowledge. I love the floating nest…. Will we ever see that? We’ll have to get our birder guru to conjure that up for us.


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