Futile to debate a peace process in the Middle East?

It’s as useless as pondering “the color of the shirt you’ll wear on Mars”?

Yet a tiny House Wren hurls decibles

upon a gargantuan Gray Squirrel perched too close to the nest,

the GS backs down, and HW resumes it’s screed to all around:

STAY AWAY from my spot.

BUT NOTE! At LEAST 20 bird species manage to nest in peace on my 1 little parcel.

They coexist.

So. Futile?

PATTY 5/28/13

3 thoughts on “I Am Pondering the Color of the Shirt I or My Descendants Might Wear on Mars. Lessons from a House Wren for the Middle East(Another 420 Character Poem in 9 Lines)

  1. I am sure I am surrounded by at least that many different kinds of birds. It would be wonderful if I could identify any of them. The only way I know is that of the day long serenade none of the tunes are the same.


  2. You’re gifted with the chorus of birds: IF you take pictures and send them to me, I’ll get the Bird Guru Guy to ID them. I love having the names of things. It helps me pay attention better.


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