Saturday. A dopamine-storm of a day. Made for celebrations.  And so, welcome to my inaugural Sendak Saturday.

Once upon a time, Maurice Sendak wandered into a garden and met a four-legged rooster with seven questions.  My childhood was never the same.


~ from Kevin’s Window, 1956, written and illustrated by M. Sendak


So let’s celebrate All Things Sendak.  It’s Sendak Saturday #1.  Let the wild rumpus begin….


Terry Gross interviewed Maurice Sendak and he told her this story.



At the time of the interview, Sendak was facing loss and death, but he was still full of imagination and feeling.  In it, Sendak says so sweetly to Gross, ‘almost certainly I’ll go before you go, so I won’t have to miss you’. He also tells her in this illustrated segment, Live your life, live your life.  

Toni 5/25/13

8 thoughts on “SENDAK SATURDAY ~ #1

  1. Toni–This really spoke to me (or is this too “hip” an expression for what it meant to me???!!). Enjoy the days we have, even if we are missing people who left holes in our hearts. I sure agree with that! M.


  2. Happy to be old and have the time to read and listen to music and gaze out the window at the beauty of nature… M. Sendak, how wise and sensitive a man you were.
    Thank you, Toni, for digging out and sharing this video piece.


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