WP Blogger Cheri says ~ share a picture that means escape to you.  

Do you look at faded photos? Do they make you dream inside?

I used to paste random photos into scrapbooks in hopes that from those archival pages I might salt away The Stories.

I have no memory of what it was like not to be able to ride a bike or tie a knot. But I can build memories out of sepia snapshots, escape the now and throw a party for the distance I have come.IMG_0603

 Toni 5/18/13


  1. Our family has some …. very few old bw pics. Mom and Dad depended on an old Italian friend for some snaps…. He was not always friendly… he looked in Mama’s baby carriage one day and pronounced ” Che brutta ” Mama was not happy as you might well imagine. However he did continue to add to our family shoe box of photos.
    So, thank you anyway, Signor. Damiano. Yes, old photos do bring back family stories.


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