The New York Philharmonic is a little more hip this spring.

.. Well, make that HIP ~ as in Historically Informed Performance. In their recent concerts featuring Baroque music, the orchestra performed canonical works by Bach.  They used some period instruments to play the music they way it was intended by its composer, like these Baroque bows that have a convex shape and create an airier, more puffed-up sound. HIP geeks love this. ;; I didn’t notice any of these zealots at our concert. If Patty and I were hip to HIP, we might have done things a little differently. DSCN3245 We did freely interpret Breval’s Concerto II in D Major with only minor meddling. Lucky us, we had sage advice from Handsome Harmon the Cello Teacher….

harmonplaymusically the perennially fresh beauty of Breval’s music to revel in….

a dash of sprezzatura…

and a berserkly great audience.  

To be HIP is an ambitious task. To have fun? It’s a piece of cupcake. DSCN3232

Happy Hour with Breval.  Epicurean.

Toni 5/8/13


  1. Your fan club was as berserk about all aspects of your open door evening as any NYC audience. Besides, I don’t see them passing hors d’oeuvre trays.
    Your pics are great.


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