Exit strategies. Needed for positive conclusions.

Be like the Pileated Woodpecker:

16 holes provide escape routes if a predator gets in;

pecked bark around the entrance slicks it with sap & keeps snakes out.

Long, barbed tongue extracts larvae.

Neck arcs back & it pulls with its feet

to increase the ferocity of the hammer strikes into the wood with it heavy bill.

Middle East lesson?

Be tough; have exit strategies.


CAVEAT: This is a picture by my friend Doreen Orciari of a Pileated eating (surprisingly) from her platform feeder; this may change my thoughts on toughness and exit strategies and mayhap shows it isn’t so easy to make suggestions as to how to solve gnarly problems. At least in 420 characters and 9 lines.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5 thoughts on “Pileated Woodpeckers May Inform Our Policies in the Middle East: Escape Hatches; Exit Strategies; Barbed Parts; Or Perhaps It Isn’t So Simple. (Another 420 Character Piece in 9 Lines)

  1. Here in St. Augustine we only have regular old red-headed woodpeckers, At this time of the year they drum on our aluminum sided fireplace chimneys! Sound quite
    like a snare drum. There are obviously no bugs there so I speculate that they are
    trying to attract mates with their musical virtuosity? Your thoughts?


  2. Red-headed woodpeckers are not regular old for me–never seen one! You lucky southerner you. I think the male is advertising and has figured out how to magnify his voice and hopes that the ladies will think it comes with other large qualities too. It should stop once he’s gotten the lady of his dreams, unless he wants to keep advertising his territory, in which case…get ear plugs. Ray? If you’ve read this far, confirm or correct.
    Cheers, Sayra.


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