DSCN3244 DSCN3245 DSCN3247 “Endearing” is what Jack replies when I asks him how he thinks my cello solo went.

I laugh because this wow-is-now word is perfect for our Breval and Beer soiree:

Toni at the piano, after preparing yumtious food;

the merry audience of our fellow readers, writers, and birders,

Plus a Few Extra.

Jack’s my island in the stream,

& I can always count on him to tell it to me straight.

Or at a tactful slant.






12 thoughts on “Breval, My Cello, Toni, Great Food, Good Friends: An Unlaced and Out There Event in 420 Characters and 9 Lines

  1. Now I know why those salon gatherings of artists and writers were so important “way-back-when”!!! What fun it was. Maybe I should try to put together a stand-up act and host a comedy club edition?????? From what I understand, stand-up acts are hard, and I’d have to work harder than usual–unless I do “off-the-cuff” which only works if everyone sets me up for the jokes. Work harder? Yikes, perish the thought–ha! M.


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