You can find my WWWW writing group most Thursday mornings elbow-to- elbow at the round table in the corner booth.

But first we stand at the counter and drool.  Baker Cheryl cranks out some godly grub.  It’s wholesome and hearty and just plain Summa Cum Yummy.

Panera Bread's Restaurant Mission Statement - It's All About Bread at Panera

We settle in with coffee and tea, lattes and steaming oatmeal.  The talk is fearfully tasty too.  Here’s a sample…..


Onions on oatmeal…that’s where I draw the line (it was raisins, not onions, but no matter) We used to have only a few types of cereals.


Canaan diner: it’s marvelous. 

South Main Street Stories – man at the donut shop said he used to live in Central Park.  Walking in the cemetery. Plans for a field trip to Cedar Hill, Kate Hepburn and Wallace Stevens are buried there.

An old edition of Emily Dickinsen’s poetry with titles and punctuation. Yikes. Editors Mabel Lewis Todd and T. W. Higginson were heavy-handed with their semi-colons. Still your heart, Emily. 

Talk about The Things They Carried in regard to what Ency should carry to Zimbabwe. Don’t wave the US flag in Zimbabwe. The President’s Elephants, poachers and lawlessness.

Quote to ponder: Anything I’ve wanted to write about I’ve already written. Really?

MFA project of writing letters to people in your life.
No Wonder I Cried All The Way Home–stories from the classroom. Mary’s letter (via the voice of Lucy the dog) to Lucy’s surgeon 

Right hand glove on left hand – the trials of dressing up
You have to leave some skin on the sidewalk in memoir, what’s at stake? Memoir workshops we have loved, Watertown writer who received an award from Amazon for a self-published book


Walking Home-A Poet’s Journey by Simon Armitage – what a web-savvy poet can do. This one did 19 readings, one each after walking 12-16 miles a day. The arrangement being that he’d do a poetry reading in exchange for a bed and a packed lunch for the morrow. 

Clive James’ new translation of Dante.

End page of the NY Times magazine, we never skip it.


Ted Kooser’s birthday. (We are Kooserettes !) It goes without saying ~ We adore Ted.

We read.  We share.  We guffaw.  And we are tickled when Cheryl the Day Baker comes with samples of Super Power Fruit Smoothies.

We swoon over this treat ~ it’s a miracle in your maw.  And Cheryl ~ well, she’s a kind of miracle, a joy missile who makes our morning pure luxe.

Where’s your crowd-pleasing piece of paradise ?  Where do you sip a slug from a wonderful mug? 

Toni 4/30/13

11 thoughts on “STEPPIN’ OUT FOR A CUPPA

  1. Sometimes I glance–just a peripheral vision glance, but enough of a glance to take note at least–at the people around us while we sip coffee and eat yummies at Panera’s. I’m thinking our talk invigorates more than us. Is it like the tossed rock that sends ripples to the further shores? No one ever moves away, even though we laugh, argue, lecture, question, recite, editorialize, hug. We’re not loud exactly. But we’re Very Present. Hard to ignore, as in, how could you not notice a bright ray of sunshine or a brook that flows through the meadow just so and greens up what’s been dry before. Thanks for list Toni. Its ripple just hit me. 🙂


  2. I envy you your group. Now that my move is finished I should try and find a group like this. Panera has been on my list of places to try for some time and I finally got to have lunch there a couple of months ago while in the US. I think they have just started to arrive in Canada.


  3. Love it!!! Your writing style charms me completely. I came here to let you all know that I have nominated WWWW for a Liebster Blog Award. Not sure how that works with a group?! Acceptance is optional anyways. I missed this latest on my reader, so I am glad to have caught it here. Y’all make my heart happy!!!


          1. If you go on my blog under Liebster Blog Award…the whole deal is listed there. I will try to get the link for you but my success with such technological challenges is pretty 50-50 right now. LOL.


  4. This sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Thursday morning. Good talk an delicious food and drinks. How cosy that Collins Diner must be. I wouldn’t wave a British flag in Zimbabwe either. 🙂


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