How to thaw spirits frozen by tragedy?

Rev. Sharpton does it by finding heroes;

I do a version of dancer’s “spotting” & focus my heart on my constants;

Wood Frogs survive freezes when Nucleating Proteins make ice of the blood’s H2O

which then causes the cell H20 to be sucked out

& replaced with liver-made glucose. Keeps the cells intact.

When the ice in the frogs melts,

they emerge from the leaf litter. Alive.


PATTY 4/19/13

2 thoughts on “Frozen doesn’t mean dead; we can still spring back. How to thaw out from the freezing effect of serial tragedies.

  1. I love this – have been feeling similar sentiments. And this is the time of year in the northwest the tree frogs come alive…such a wonderful sound to fill the air…better than gunshots or NPR. No comparison.


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