8 thoughts on “WWWW will go quiet on yet another somber day.

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    I grew up on Mr. Rogers. I used to always look forward to him feeding his fish and picking out a new sweater. How times have changed. A lot of people thing TV programs have gotten better…. I sadly think not.


  2. In my depths I learned about Tender Mercies and Angels; sometimes one in the same. but sometimes their presence is blurred by tears.


    1. I remember counseling a young woman who was brought up by 2 alcoholics. She said one day, she was so happy to see her father when he got home, that she leapt toward him and he reportedly did not try to catch her. I don’t know if he was drunk at the time or just taken off guard. At any rate, he took her to the ER. The message she got from the incident of his ‘not being there for her’ is that she didn’t count. As we processed this, I asked her if she could remember anyone else in the experience that gave her a different message, and she said that there was a nurse who was very warm and caring toward her. By remembering this, she was able to incorporate a different message in the experience. She was able to see that she did ‘count’ with this nurse. Yes, there are usually healers and helpers somewhere within the tragedies. This is why i would like to be a first responder. I was able to do some counseling with the evacuees of Hurricane Katrina and it made me feel so much better than just watching it on TV and feeling helpless.


  3. Thanks for giving us some words to use, Toni. It’s so hard to figure out what to say and do. There’s an ad for something that shows a series of tiny scenes where someone helps someone else. I get so caught up in the simple elegance of all the helping hands I neglect to note the product being pushed. Perhaps it’s just that: the knowledge that there will be helpers.


  4. Fred Rogers is from my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.


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