House Finch hubbies perch nearby

and serenade their brooding wives.

At Luke and Claire’s we hear them all around the house

because there’s a nest on each porch.

Way better to have HFs as models for good hubby behavior

than the bully Mr. Hummingbird:

the Mrs. has to beat at him to keep him from doing harm.

Every morning when my hubby sings songs to me and plays his guitar

I get how nice it must be for Mrs. House Finch.

PATTY 4/13/13

This is one of the songs Jack sings most every day while I sit like a brooding House Finch. (brooding, for you non-birders, is a good thing, by the way. 🙂 )

This is the nest of one of the House Finch couples at Luke and Claire’s. It’s on the back porch. The light is right over the door they go in and out of all day.

house finch nest

5 thoughts on “Songs for the Mamas Be They Brooding or No: Another (yes!! I write these to please myself I dare say) 420 Character Poem in 9 Lines.

  1. The nest attached to the back porch light. I have had those nests before and was always fascinated that they didn’t mind us carrying on using the door, business as usual. Why would they not seek out a less populated spot for privacy.
    You lucky girl being serenaded in the morning.


    1. I wonder–and I’ll check this with Ray the Bird Guy–but I wonder if proximity to humans gives the HF a sense of security: do they know that if the two-legged ones are here, the four-legged and mighty-taloned creatures stay away?


  2. Patty–This entry is pure delight!!! I love how the world is suddenly full of birdsong every morning when I open the door and walk out to get my paper. It is so sweet that I toss the paper aside just to savor a few more minutes of that daily joy! Why read depressing news when there is song in my heart??!! M.


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