I picture you like Pooh in a Hundred Acre Woods

One day you’re walking vigorously, another day you’re running.

When the path gets narrower you go one after the other,

or, like Tigger, one runs round in oblongs or up in down

in front of the others, or, mayhap, sometimes,

bounces right into you all.

Sometimes are you on your way to a friend’s house too?

Perhaps Owl’s for a Proper Tea?

Or are you searching for the North Pole or a likely tree to climb?

I can almost hear your lively Hum,

and see how it helps you keep up the pace.

I wager you don’t cancel walks because of bad weather.

Do you have Big Boots like Christopher Robin?

And for your Expeditions

do you bring Provisions too?

PATTY (MOM/Nani) 4/3/13

kids walking at beach


6 thoughts on “To All My Adventurous Kids and Their Beloveds: More Comparisons to Winnie the Pooh. (A 3rd Poem in So Many Days for NaPoWriMo)

  1. I remember having my hands held by my sisters (probably my brothers too, but it’s the sisters I remember best) and feeling a great warm safe feeling. Like in this picture. Note one of the Mama’s in the background (Sarah) looking back–just checking. 🙂


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