I hear Dad give you kids tips on swimming,

but, since I’m newly emerged from the Hundred Acre Woods I’ll add a few.

Eeyore says learn to dive

so as to avoid being struck heavily on the chest by large stones

that someone may drop on you.

Pooh says a honey jar works well as a floating device,

but make sure to cork it tight and empty it first.

If the pool’s closed or the pond’s frozen over,

you could jump up and down like Piglet does,

in an exercising sort of way.

This will also help you should you decide one day to plant a garden.

(Piglet plants haycorns and jumps energetically on them just in case.)

But do watch where you’re jumping,

especially if you’re in a sandy part of the Forest,

or you may fall down a mouse-hole.

Soon your own little Roos will keep you company on your

jumping-instead-of-swimming exercises.

Be like Kanga.

Just jump instead of walk to get where you need to go.

And, you can make it a more strenuous workout,

by putting one of your little Roos, er Babies, in your “pocket.”

Love from Mom (PATTY 4/2/13)

3 thoughts on “Tips on Parenting from the Hundred Acre Wood (via Patty) (a non-420 character poem for the Poem a Day for One Month Project–NaPoWriMo to you)

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