I wake to the cree of the seaside.  High-octane joy.

The sky hangs languidly over onrushing water, shifting mountains of pulverizing force, swift and swooping.  Waves turn themselves inside out as they break, then pause and spit out clouds of mist.  At the water’s edge, a Lohengrinning couple exchange vows under the azure sky.


The sound, the taste, the thrill of the ocean, it’s rhythms, edges and riffs ~ I’m infatuated, seduced, obsessed.

I love the beach.  And beach music.  So do The Embers.

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Where do you find your joy?

Toni 3/29/13



  1. Summer is calling to us here in Torrington, too, but first we’d like a taste of spring. It will be 50 degrees today. Hope is in the air. Our thanks to “Embers.” We love the beach, too, even if we only imagine it.


  2. We love the beach! This beach seems particularly lovely. Looks like you and your GymRayGuy love it too. (Hey what’s with the Tiger Woods ad?)
    Cheers from the Arctic.
    Jack (via Patty)


  3. Ah, joy! You are the person who taught me that joy is to be found every day and to look for and expect it. I’ve been a good student. Living one day at a time has given me a lovely perspective on my world. It lets me experience small joys and handle the endless sorrow of Larry’s death, one day at a time. I thought I would never feel happiness again, but I do, every day. Best joy? You, my friend! M.


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