new research says that 5-A-Day gives our skin a sexy, appealing glow;

no matter that we’ll live longer too;

it’s all about the 3 carotenoids.

The House Finch knows about this already.

Mr. HF’s cheerful, rosy red rump, breast, and front of the head

comes from pigments in his food: cherries, peaches, strawberries;

the more pigment, the redder he gets, and the Mrs. picks the reddest guy.

It’s all about the Glow.



pictures by Clay Gascoigne as part of the 2001-2002 FeederWatch Season

Color Variations in House Finches is due to different colored fruit and vegetables!

4 thoughts on “Eat Those Veggies; You Too Can Have the Healthy, Sexy Glow of a House Finch. (Another 420 Character, 9-liner)

  1. You’ve solved a mystery for me. I’ve heard the House Finch’s song before but had no way to identify it. I just googled it, heard the song, and know now that yes,we do have House Finches in this area. Although I’ve seen them, it’s never been close enough to see their red coloring.I’ll look for it now, though. Thanks, Patty.


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