Childcare: It’s essential.

Besieged Syrians protect their kids in unearthed Roman caves beneath olive groves.

Golden Eye ducks form creches to nurture each other’s babies if need be.

Parents are WIRED to nurture and teach children

so they grow up right.

So what’s happened when a 14-year old shoots a baby

or a 20-year old massacres 1st graders?

Or a President bombs his people?

Wither the wiring? Was it the childcare?

PATTY 3/25/13

7 thoughts on “Childcare. Creches. Caves. Doing What It Takes to Protect the Kids. (Another 420 Character, 9-Liner)

  1. What a powerful entry! Even a sweet reference to precious birds doesn’t dull the questions you ask. I think this one could spark hours of heated discussion. I love your pieces that make me want to form opinions and respond. M.


  2. Hi Mary,
    I’m listening to Tom Ashcroft interview the person who wrote Secrets of a Happy Family. It’s good, but then I look at CNN’s pictures of the families in those caves and I realize that we’re a privileged people. We have the luxury of fine-tuning our lives while so many other families are fighting for theirs.


  3. I have more questions than answers to your questions. This is a very sobering piece. We may not have much but living in Canada I can pretty much count on not being bombed by my government. As for the children killing children, how can there be a legitimate answer? Nothing will justify that it happens.


  4. We have family in Syria … in Aleppo … and speak to them on the phone almost every week. They live in an oasis randomly still intact. Horrific is the only word I can find to describe the reality there.


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