It’s phonoegraphy month, and what do we love to photograph with our cameraphones? Food, says WordPress Michelle. So why fight it? This week’s theme is “lunchtime.”

Be honest. Do you really care what I had for lunch? I admit it, I’m a foodie, a Feinschmecker ~ I live to eat, in a let’s-go-to-Gettin’-Crabby-at-the-Stern-House-I hear-they-do-a-mean-crab-plate kind of way.  (And, while we’re being honest, it’s true~ I really do care what you have for lunch.  Do tell.)

Yet even in a world of galloping hyperbole, it’s a struggle to find thrillingly edgy words to describe my lunch at Gettin’ Crabby.

imageMmmmmmm.  Crab. Just a short scuttle from the happy kitchen to me.

But for this guy, gettin’ a crab fix takes work. Some serious commitment is involved here.






Ah, the thrill of risk and reward.  There’s no quit in that guy.

Love lunch?  Sing it loud.

Toni 3/17/17


    1. OK, a related topic! Help!!!! After 10 years plus in Florida, at the ocean no less, I
      still can not tell a heron from a egret. One has yellow legs like yours and one has
      black legs! Can you or Patty think of a cute way to keep these guys straight? For
      some reason I cannot explain….it drives me batty!!!


  1. Our egrets are white, with the exception of this juvenile Little-blue Heron pictured above. Most herons are not white. The juvenile Little-blue can be easily identified by the two-toned bill.


    1. Thanks,Ray! Now that I know about the two-toned bill, I’ll be on the lookout for more. Is this typical of juvenile shore birds? Yesterday, a herd of manatees surged into the canal,harder to capture with a cameraphone but much easier to identify. 🙂 so glad you asked, Sayra!!


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