A glorious accident,

obstinate persistence,

and a touch of Phoneography Madness

made this proper post possible.

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Toni 3/11/13


      1. Sayra, it’s so like St Aug. No fountain of youth or Ripley museum, just a quaint small old Florida feel. And the last standing House of Refuge. I read all your Florida genre recommendations, need more! There’s a bunch of guys at the farmers market who write and have a tent, business cards, e/ print books, website, the works. WWWW needs to move to a warmer clime, don’t you think?


    1. The little guys, I think , are Sanderlings, they come in August and winter here through April, then migrate to Artic breeding grounds. They run around in groups, follow the waves, poke in the sand for snacks, race the next wave, do it again..and again…and again.
      The handsome black/white ones are royal terns, spiky black crests and fulgent orange bills.
      I need birding help for the rest, come!


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