Sandy is one of our Guest Bloggers. (We’ve captured her in our Take Five to the Table Group, a name meant to convey that we all “come to the table” with some writing, a book, a poem, a story, a clipping, a picture, a song, a project related to something literary, etc. A few caveats: We’ve discovered that just about Everything has some relation to the literary; we need to change our name to Take 7 to the Table. Whatever, as Isabel Scheherazade likes to say.)

Welcome Sandy. She wrote this for her Reading for Writers MFA course. She chose to do lyrical poems in addition to prose pieces in response to her reading of the 19th Century American poets. Can you guess which 19th Century poet this poem echoes?


I caught the Summer mourning—

Her hair a golden hue,

And when I peeked behind the veil—

Her tears became the dew.

Carelessly the Herald fair—

Beneath the gentle flower,

Sings a Requiem in vain—

Amid the lonely bower.

When icy fingers scratch the dawn—

And for want of Earth to spade,

I turn to face the honey’d morn’—

And let the likeness fade.


One thought on “A Lyrical Response to a 19th Century Poet by Another Women Who Writes Words

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