It’s the kickoff for the phoneography challenge. And a challenge it is. There’s a new WordPress app for blogging-on-the-go with an iPhone.  The idea is to get bloggers up and out, to explore and document where we live. So I made an album from my photostream pictures, here in my March neighborhood.


Remember Sisyphus?  That Greek guy who was condemned to roll a stone uphill, only to have it roll down again?  He ought to be the patron saint of users, at least this user, of the new WordPress app.

I don’t ask for much. Peace. Poetry. A cappuccino with steamed milk.  An app that isn’t just the parsley on the fish.

I love WordPress the way some people love junk food.  I think it’s unexpectedly perfect.  But this iPhone app is not. My 2013 inaugural challenge comes to you via my charming but ancient laptop.  Even the iPad WordPress app is gone creachy.

So, with three iDevices behaving in an inflammatorily hostile manner, it’s been a challenge to post this one photo. Click here to read Cheri’s post for details. Meanwhile, I’ll be chatting with a clever Happiness Engineer.

Toni 3/10/13



  1. That’s some neighborhood! A great photo, Toni.
    I hope you can get things sorted out with WordPress and your mobile devices. I don’t use mine for anything WP-related other than reading blogs. Sounds like that’s the way to go, at least for now.


  2. I’ve been about to get an iPhone for a few months; and I WILL do it. I’m not waiting for the perfect phone, it’s just that, like with new clothes I buy that hang in the closet for a year until I’m used to the sight of them, the IDEA of being an iPhone user is still getting itself into my brain. But as for glitches. Here’s the thing: we’ve got Happiness Engineers at WordPress and Geniuses at our Mac store. They know us by name; they’ll figure it out for us, er, I mean, WITH us. And that’s where you and Sissy part ways.


  3. That is a beautiful shot. I’m not really interested in using my phone for wordpress. I find that if I am in the moment or flow of a piece I don’t like having to struggle with keystroke mistakes etc. It would take all the pleasure out of it for me.


  4. Thanks for sharing your experience, you photo (nice shot, btw) and Sisyphus. I got off to a rough start even though I have used the app before. I just haven’t use it in the same capacity as I did for this challenge. Resistant at first, but then I got into it. I wasn’t able to do a couple of things that I could on the computer or at least I had the illusion that I couldn’t. Check it out:


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