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7 thoughts on “Little Books for Little Kids: I Get to Play with Two of My Grandchildren Every Week. I’m Grateful, So, While They Nap, I Sketch. (a non-420 Character Piece)

  1. So, I always talk about wanting to lead the wide-awake life, something that is hard, as you all know. Along with that I say stuff like “I can _____, but I can’t sketch. Too bad I can’t. ” Then I started reading about how sketching can help you lead a more wide-awake life (Mary, is it hyphenated or no? Not the life, but the word…) I got a couple of tips about ovals and circles and triangles and REALLY LOOKING. That REALLY LOOKING thing is great. And humbling. Here’s another aspect of this sketching: I get the same brain rush from concentrating when I sketch as I do when I practice my cello, write, read (well, not Jack Reacher), bird, and when I do yoga. Fun.


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