My blogging partner Patty is a 420 Character/ 9 Line Wonder Woman.

Compromising Congressmen and Wraparound Wrens, it’s all fodder to her.

WWWW readers know that she’s a blogger of the first intensity and an infinitely jolly birder as well. Good thing Patty has such talon-ts….or there would be a horwrendously long hiatus between posts this month. 🙂

Patty packs a wallop in her unique way, no dozy prose for her. 420 characters/9 lines ~ meaty, thoughtful stuff.  In this global mobile world, lots of writers embrace short forms.

Case in point~ Twitter’s 140-character limit.

It sets great minds aflutter.

Here’s a few I <3.

gary shteyngart

 Gary Shteyngart (@Shteyngart)

                      My hegemonic discourse brings all the boys to the yard.

m atwood

Margaret Atwood (@MargaretAtwood)
What should be on my next book cover? a) Flowers b) Snakes c) Zeb d) Blue naked people e) Ring where I spilled coffee f) All of above


Ruth Reichl (@ruthreichl)
Brisk, bright Sunday. Shad roe, lightly sautéed. Butter. Lemon. So tender. Small surprising figgy bursts of flavor. Spring’s on its way.


Paulo Coelho (@paulocoelho)
No one is in charge of my happiness but myself. And I treasure this.

j weiner

Jennifer Weiner (@jenniferweiner)
I’d like to #tellafeministthankyou for advancing the radical notion that books by women are not inherently less worthy than books by men.

Curious about what the coxswains of language are up to? Head over to Twitter and find out.

Toni  3/2/13

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