4 thoughts on “Even Though the Grapefruit League’s Started, Here’s Basketball and School Story to Ponder. It’s From that Vogel-Wetmore School Where I Go to Watch the Master Teachers Who’ve Helped Created this High-Achieving/High-Poverty School.

  1. It is amazing how often sports become a conduit for important parts of life as in your example of classroom learning….
    Think, too, of Dennis Rodman in North Korea bringing his basketball talents to a country that is our political antithesis. Something to ponder I would say.


    1. You’re right; sports lessons are life lessons. I googled such just now and came up with this site amongst tons more: http://www.karunaweb.com/life-lessons-from-sports-what-athletes-and-coaches-can-teach-us-about-living/#respond.
      I hadn’t heard about Dennis Rodman’s foray into N.Korea: Checked the story and the You Tube at http://aol.sportingnews.com/nba/story/2013-02-28/dennis-rodman-north-korea-kim-jong-un-friends-for-life. Hmmmm. Maybe he’ll help to ratchet down the young president’s distrust of the West? Is that what you’re thinking?


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