Our Country Could Fix What Needs Fixing Faster If the 113th Stayed in Washington; 90% of What It’s All About is Showing Up (Woody, did you say this?) Be like the birds; nap; don’t vacation. (Another 420 Character Bird to People 9-Liner)

Fearful of enemies, ye of the 113th?

Relax and you’ll produce more says NYT;

this means SHORT NAPS,

not “fact-finding” in Turks and Caicos.

1 hour’s nap helps brains as well as 8 hours sleep.

Be like the birds:

They do it all with short bursts of rest, heads just tucked on their backs,

always alert, and ready to move on, sleeping in the same area they work.

So, Congress, no snooze alarms, sleep lightly, have no fear.

PATTY 2/10/13