Starting Over


A bleak morning.

Ground fog, again.

It never used to rain so much.

And then,


the mist bows to a casual cumulous,

and evening cadences fall from a cloud-mouth of stars.

The future catches in my throat,

musky and delicious.

Its name is Start Over and

it sits between us

like the last piece of candy in the box.



Toni 1/15/13


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it’ll be just like starting over ~


  1. This John Lennon song is my favorite “it’s midnight, New Year’s Eve” song. Unfortunately, I had to remove most other John Lennon songs from my library because I couldn’t learn to like them, but this one remains…let’s take a chance and fly away….somewhere…Dig it!


  2. Jack listened to this and said it reminded him of a character in the book he’s listening to. The character’s an alcoholic and he says every morning, though, is like the first inning. Poignant stuff this. Toni. The poem. The poem. Lennon would have done something with it no doubt.


  3. i love your poem. I am not drawn to poems that are to long or to dense. I am a fan of just this type of poetry. Beautifullly written with enough to tell the whole story without burying the reader. Very simple and yet powerful.


  4. **Simple , poignant, beautifully FABULOUS! I write poetry also and love this..2 thumbs UP. One door closes and another opens..all we have to do it walk on in and start ANEW. Stay UPlifted & blessed!


  5. This is stunning in a way I can’t put my finger on
    which is just great. Reminds me of the experience of epiphanies.

    Love & Peace, from one more woman who writes,


  6. i listened this music through your blog for the first time. i really like the lyrics of this song cause i have also been falling in love with my boyfriend. thank you for posting it.


  7. I can definitely relate to the thoughts and feelings behind the imagery. Beautiful written and thought provoking piece. Thanks you sharing and Congrats on behind Freshly Pressed!:-)


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