Resolved. It’s that time of year, isn’t it? Landslides of resolutions and good intentions. With a nudge from WordPress blogger Sara, I resolve to avoid posting about my lunch or afternoon nap. I think that blogging is jubilantly more than navel-gazing content.

Blogging seems to be The New Renaissance, a rebirth of personal expression that’s collective and messy, loosely strung together with links, comments, and trackbacks. The dictionary defines Renaissance as a movement of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity.  Blogging is like that. It’s a busy hum, a bustle and stir that rewards brevity and immediacy, inviting writer/reader interaction in a free-fall kind of way. It’s like talking/thinking/writing out loud. Words have never seemed so now.

With just one click of the Publish button, bloggers send their words out to hover in cyberspace. I feel as though I know some of my favorite bloggers and experience what they experience, often in real time. In front of a screen, there’s just the two of us ~ blogger and reader ~ linked in an artistic and intellectual way. And a personal one.  It’s Friendship, in The New Renaissance.

Words endure ~ whether in pixels or print.  I resolve to celebrate the written word in every medium, talk while listening, comment while reading, be informed, enriched and, ultimately, rewarded.  In NYC, there’s plenty of words that inspire, far from the navel-gazing crowd.

Toni 1/7/13


Click on photos to read the hallowed words of some upper-case great writers, embedded in the sidewalks of New York.



  1. Come on, Toni! I want to hear about your afternoon nap. At the moment my naps
    are the most interesting part of my life!!!!! How sad is that?


  2. Be it pixels or print–love this stuff, Toni!–I resolve to Do the NYC Library Walk AND floss my brain with a daily–uh oh, do I resolve this, really? Yes.–a daily (or maybe every-other-daily) 420 Character Piece in Nine Lines. I relish these pieces of yours, girl. Don’t do the nap, regardless of what our literary lioness from Florida says.


  3. re blogs: yesterday , while shopping for much wanted workable pepper grinder, the salesperson “Jo” aka artist, horsewoman, mother, yoga person and I, Ency, writer, dog lover, gardener, grandmother, yoga lover, enjoyed, up-one-hill down-another again and again rare face-to-face conversation: we blogged so to speak.

    at home, the shiny red pepper mill failed to grind.


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