Dear Customer Service,

I am thinking you must be concerned about my toe, the one that your soap broke ~ (

~even though I have yet to receive a reply to my last email. Or a followup to your marketing division meeting. (

Hey, we’re all busy.

But I do wonder, what would Lizzie say about that? She’s the great-great-granddaughter of the etiquette guru Emily Post, reigning trusted source for etiquette advice.


Lizzie likes to point out that the principles around problem solving, relationship building and treating people with respect are timeless.

I think she’d find your etiquette standards groanworthingly low.

But, anyway, about those other jillion bon ton emails I do receive from C&E ~ well, thanks. Yes, I do expect to have an exceptionally tasteful holiday.  And savor the season. As your daily emails urge, I will replenish and refresh with joy, treat myself to luxurious waking and sleeping moments, indulge in a big way and infuse my living space with a refreshing essence.

I was hoping for more than kind of wonky babble.  Something like, well, we’re sorry.

I won’t be ordering your holiday exclusives, Golden Fig and Golden Petals. Or the cozy socks. Not even the holiday tote bag.  Platinum rewards?  Dream on.

Toni  11/6/12


  1. Oh how C & E will miss you being that you have always been their number one supporter up to now. Will you walk around with a sandwich board decrying C & E. I should like to see that,


  2. Must be time to post a short video on You Tube. If a 4 year old crying about how she is tired of “Bronco Bama” can go viral, you are clever enough to highlight the CRAB in this company. Let’s brainstorm on Thursday. We could incorporate that oldie I’M SORRY! I’m getting creative revs already–ha!! M.


  3. How rude! Good for you taking a stand. I believe that they market themselves in a way that would make one think that manners and etiquette an important part of their mission statement. Sadly they misrepresent themselves.
    I will have no problem boycotting C & E in solidarity.


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