Last week, WP’s Grammar Guru Daryl explained the subjunctive mood ~ it’s all about conditions, suppositions, wishes, demands, suggestions, and statements of necessity. When you say “I just wish I were…” or “If I were more like…”, knowingly or unknowingly, you invoke the subjunctive mood.

In honor of Daryl’s post, this week’s WP writing challenge is: “I wish I were.”

I wish I was were here….instead of in the path of a hurricane .


All the day I longed for Italia

remembering the blue green sea.

I thought if I could purchase

Parmesiano from the grocery

or drink Limoncello, tart and cold,

to cleanse the palate and soothe the throat

or eat aciuge, salty and bold,

or read tales of Dante I could quote,

Ah, then, I’d be in Nervi for sure;

the olive groves, the vines of grapes

where on terraced hills a warbler trills.

But to be in the Italia I know

Shaw’s is not the place to go.

So do tell….what do you wish?

Toni 10/29/12

16 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRITING CHALLENGE: I WISH I WERE ~ not I wish I was

  1. I wish I could be soaring with the eagles atop Medicine Wheel, a spot that continues to take my memory breath away. Instead, I’ll be trying to hold down my 4 pound Chihuahua so she isn’t swept away!! Gotta love reality. M.


  2. I’m caught up in the adventure of the storm; it’s reminding me of storms of yore when my father packed the 7 of us in the Hudson and we drove to Marblehead to watch the waves crash on Deveraux Beach. We did this during the eye of the storm. But, I guess I don’t wish to be back there. At all. Whatever, as the kids say. Loved your poem, Toni.


    1. I’m ignoring it all, at least trying to, as the wind blows harder, the rain increases and the lights occasionally dim.
      Enjoy reliving the memory from the comfort (and dryness) of home, not the shore. I’d rather be noshing on corn chowder and shepard’s pie. 🙂


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