Foreign: (word origin and history)

c.1300, ferren, foreyne “out of doors,” from O.Fr. forain, from L.L. foranus “on the outside, exterior,” from L. foris “outside,” lit. “out of doors,” related to fores “door;” spelling altered 17c. perhaps by influence of reign, sovereign.


Gythio, in the southern Peloponessos, is an unspoiled port that hugs the side of Mount Koumaros.  It looks like the quintessential Greek island of the 70s ~ except that it isn’t.  It’s actually on the Mani Peninsula, the gateway to Sparta.

Crooked whitewashed staircases climb the hillside and purple bougainvillea spills over shutters and wrought-iron balconies. Painted in vibrant colors, little fishing boats bob in the harbor, each prow marked with an eye to ward off evil.

So, if you go ( and I highly suggest it), grab a seaside table. Have a glass of ouzo, neat.  And order the fish. It’s fresh.


Toni  10/28/12

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  1. I love Greece and the people are so great. Each island is different with their own characters but the whitewashed houses and drying octopi are fairly common which am sure is very foreign to others. Love your pictures.


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